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La Crete Ferry connects Alberta Highway 697 with Highway 35

La Crete Ferry Cameras show 3 views of traffic to assist all vehicles to plan for wait times. Main Ferry Camera images show the Ferries location updating every 30 seconds, while East & West landing images update every 1 minute.

An official opening was held for the new La Crete Ferry at Tompkins Landing October 17, 1987. La Crete ferry was designed by Robert Allan, the same company that had designed the old ferry 36 years earlier. After the official opening, the old ferry was drydocked for 5 years before being brought upstream to Shaftesbury to be used as parts for the ferry there.

SELF-PROPELLED FERRIES: La Crete Ferry (Built: 1987) is 1 of 6 Ferries in Alberta and the only one that operates 24 hours/day.

CABLE FERRIES: Bleriot Ferry (Built: 1997), Crowfoot Ferry (Built: 1992),  Finnegan Ferry (Built: 2001), Klondyke Ferry (Built: 1983)

HULL, TUG PUSH FERRIES: Shaftsbury Ferry (Built: 1962)

See more details on all 6 Alberta Ferries:

Operating Information Operates: 24 hours a day from mid-spring until mid-November
Length of Crossing (m) 680
Load Capacity (kg) 95,000
Propulsion Self-propelled
Ferry Length (m) 33.4
Ferry Breadth (m) 32
Ferry Hull Depth (m) 1.52
Capacity 2 crew members, 60 passengers, 12 mid-size cars
Year built 1987
Contact Phone: 1.800.828.3908 (LaPrairie Group)
Phone: 780.926.2241 (Paul Catt)